The best place to invest in mobile home parks


The mobile home park is an industry that is not overly visible and seems to be somewhat uncommon as part of one’s investment portfolio. Don’t let this fool you major corporations and wealthy individuals are now buying as many of these parks as possible. It is no longer the ‘mom and pop’ type of business.

Harry Jesse began selling real estate 25 years ago and decided to immerse himself into understanding the mobile home park business and make it his specialty. Over the past 20+ years he has sold many parks and become very familiar with them. This is why he dedicated  his website to mobile home parks so visitors can see his current inventory and history of activity.

Anne Keoughs

Owner of Mobile Parks

I decided to search out a company to redesign my website. Someone referred me to Pablo Longoria with Treefrog Digital and I can say it was a very good decision. The first meeting was friendly and informative. Pablo is a good listener and had many excellence suggestions for my website, both in visual appearance and functionality. When called upon for help he was quick to answer my questions and offer a solution. Treefrog Digital has been good value both in cost, service, maintenance and effectiveness. I highly recommend you give Treefrog Digital a call if you looking to set up a new website or modify your existing one.

A satisfied client.


Treefrog Digital redesign the website using WordPress so content all over the website can now be easily changed and managed making adding new properties and removing old ones a breeze.

The website is fully responsive since with technology moving the way it is, you cannot ignore the mobile user base. A mobile website is important for Mobile Parks to serve their customers who are looking for new properties on their smartphones.




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