Pasture-raised poultry farm


K & M Farms its pasture-raised poultry farm run by the Robbins’ family located in Abbotsford, B.C.

When they started raising chickens and turkeys, their first priority was to raise them in their natural habitat: outside on the grass where the birds can peck, scratch, and forage for bugs. They also have access to grain free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics. They do not feed soy in thier grain as a protein source – which means no GMO soy present.

Their second priority was to grow chickens and turkeys closer to their full size. Their roasting chickens range from six to nine pounds. Turkey hens range up to twenty five pounds and the toms up to thirty pounds.

Their chickens and turkeys are succulent and flavourful. We invite you to TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! Once you have had pasture-raised poultry you cannot go back.


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Thanks to our Worry Free Online Presence Service,  K & M Farms now can focus on what they do best (look after their pasture-raised poultry farm) while we take care of their online assets for them.




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